Alternative Healing

Alternative medicine is simply an alternative to what you’re likely to find in a typical American hospital. While most doctors will give you an odd look if you mention “energy healing” there are a few who won’t. Of course, what’s alternative here (in the US) might well be mainstream in other parts of the world.

This site is here to help you explore avenues for inner growth, alternative healing, overall health, and a couple of other things.

Crystal healing is the use of crystals to bring about healing and positive changes in the mind and body.

In this overview you will discover the healing properties of these gemstones and crystals and learn how bring about true changes to your life.

For me, gemstone therapies have energized me, healed illness, helped me break bad habits, healed dog bites, and changed my life. This is true energy medicine.

This information is offered here as a service and is not meant to replace any medical treatment. No guarantee is made towards validity. Use this information at your own risk. This is my personal belief on how high quality gemstones work for me. Lorraine V

Diet Corner

Your diet plays a major role in determning how healthy you will be. So make sure you eat the right foods, at the right time.

The very word ‘diet’ can make the bravest of us quake in fear, especially those of us who equate diet with starving.

This diet doesn’t require that you starve. In fact, you can eat all you want, as long as you eat the right stuff.

And what is this ‘right stuff’ of which you can eat any amount?

The answer is green vegetables. Needless to say, if you cook the vegetables in oil, you’re not going to get very far with your weight loss plan. Most Indians don’t believe that it is possible to cook a meal without using a whole lot of oil. Nothing can be further from the truth. Vegetables taste great when they are saut?, using very little oil. And if you must use oil, try and use extra virgin olive oil.

The greatest gift you can give your family is a wholesome diet. You can eat tasty and unhealthy, and you can eat tasty and healthy. Most of us opt for the tasty and unhealthy because it seems to be the easiest option. Making the right, healthy choice will by far impact our health, and our weight, favourably.

Eat a variety of foods. Don’t stick to the same five vegetables and dals all the time! By eating various foods, you are likely to meet a much broader range of nutritional requirements. In addition, if you eat something which you eat very seldom, your family is probably not going to mind if it is cooked in a different way, and not cooked in oil.

Always opt for food that is produced locally, and that is in season. Buying foods transported from far really makes no sense. In the first place, it is far more expensive. In the second place, since it comes from far, it is possible that it is packed with preservatives. Stay away from packaged foods. They have very little food value, and are packed with fats, salt and sugar. The lower processed the food, the better the food value. It is better to prepare food from scratch. Add spices to compensate for the lack of oil in your food.

However, in this article we are not just concerned about eating healthy. We also want to know what we should avoid, in order to lose weight.

Stay away from sugar. This is possibly the hardest requirement of all, but it is a must if you are serious about losing weight. It may be hard for you to deprive yourself of sweet indefinitely, and it may not work, so the best thing to do would be to set a target for yourself. Decide that you will not eat anything that has sugar in it, for a month. If you don’t think you can do this, opt for a saccharine-free sugar substitute. Try Sugarite, which is sugar without the calories, or Stugar, which is a natural sweeter made from a South American plant, and has around 1 calorie per teaspoon as opposed to 20 calories in a spoon of sugar.

Health Tips

Healing Pain

Most of the diseases usually appear in the form of pains. Pains may be a sign of diseases, health problems, can be a warning givenHealth Tips by the body on disruption of our daily routine. Consulting a Doctor is the only remedy to find the cause of pain. However, there are some effective home remedies you can try out to make your pain bearable Live Chat Support

Joint Pain

People may think that intake of medicine and surgery are the only remedies for joint pain. But there are certain tips for reducing sudden joint pain

Back Pain

Back pain can occur due to bad posture, pressure on the back muscles and from taking too much weight at once. Certain ways to cope with your pain.

Stomach Ache

Stomach pain can occur commonly due to indigestion, acidity, menstrual cramps etc. Some women suffer pain after delivery. Natural ways to deal with the various sort of pains.

Ear Ache

Ear pain can occur due to allergy, filling of wax in the ear, chillness, entry of any foreign body in the ear or infection in the Eustachian tube which connects ear, nose and throat.

Tooth Ache

Only those who have suffered toothache can know the severity of it. Toothache can be a sign of tooth decay. Only a Dental doctor can find the real cause of the pain. But let’s try out some ways at home to control the pain.

Neck Pain

Neck pain can be due to improper habits in our daily routine or improper posture which cause pressure on the neck.

First Aids

There are certain things you should keep in handy and it is better to know how to deal with certain harmful situations which may arise in your life.

So get an idea by going through our first aid section.

Animal Bites

Wash the wound for at least 5 minutes with soap and water to flush out animal saliva.

Apply an antiseptic (i.e. hydrogen peroxide)

Apply an antibiotic cream to prevent infection

Rinse thoroughly and cover with a dressing or clean cloth.

A doctor should be contacted if swelling, increasing redness, or drainage occurs, or if there are flu-like symptoms, fever, or swollen glands.

Snake Bite

Check the snakebite for puncture wounds.

The type of snake must be identified to help the doctor to recognise the poison gone in and if the snake is killed, it must be taken to the hospital with the patient.

Clean the wound. Be sure to wipe away from the bite.

Tie a piece of cloth or thread (just tight enough to cut off blood flow through the veins keeping the venom from reaching the heart) 2-3 inches above the injury. You can use a tie as a tourniquet and it should be applied with in 30 minutes of the bite to be affective.

Squeeze the incised area to extrude poison from the wound by mechanical suction or even a breast pump.

Keep the wound at or below the heart level.

Keep the victim calm and lying down. The more the victim moves, the faster the venom spreads through the body.

Keep the part cool as warmth hastens the absorption of venom.

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Sinus Symptoms – When you are facing sinus infections it can be both acute and chronic. Normally the sinus infection starts as a cold due to natural factors such as weather changes.

Depression Tests – One of the best ways of finding out if someone is depressed or not is to take a depression test.

Stretchmark Treatments – Stretch marks are very common in people gaining weight fairly quickly. When a person gains weight the person may get fine lines on the body called as stretch marks.

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Children’s Health

Childrens Health

Children are an integral part of every parent’s life. From infancy to adolescence to young adulthood they need special care as they are more vulnerable to disease than adults. Every parent should be aware of the symptoms and its implications for the healthy growth and well being of their children.儿童, 播放, 西瓜, 夏天, 女孩, 野餐, 水果, 健康

Few newborns look picture perfect at birth. They have many variations in normal appearance – from color of the skin to its texture to the shape of the head. Some of these differences are just temporary, part of the physical adjustments a baby goes through. Mentally, mostly all babies are awake and alert during the first few hours after birth.

Physical appearance:


The head may look pointed due of pressure during birth. It would become normal in two weeks. When you touch on the top of your baby’s head, you can feel a soft spot. This is the part where the bones of the skull have not joined together. It becomes normal when your child is 16-18months.


You will find little marks, spots and rashes, red or greenish blue on the skin of your new born baby. This is completely normal and some babies may have more than others. Skin may be peeling on the hands and feet and some babies may have noticeable downy body hair. But all these will disappear on their own accord.

Women’s Health

Women’s Health

Hey, doesn’t she look great even after 40?…. every women like to hear this appreciation.But many of them fail to fight the effects of aging due to their life style, tension related to their home and office, several diseases etc.亚洲, 绿色橘子, 手, 妇女, 维生素 C, 橙色, 桔子, 孤立, 水果

Cervical cancer or cancer of the cervix is an abnormal growth of malignant (cancer) cells in the cervix.

Breast Cancer

Sometimes abnormal cells develop in the breast tissue, forming a lump or tumor. This is the most common type of cancer in women.

The breast has several lobes, which are divided into lobules and end in the milk glands. Tiny ducts run from the many tiny glands, connect together, and end in the nipple. Any tissue in the breast can be affected and it will destroy the nearby tissues also. Usually the cancer arises from tissue that forms milk ducts. There are at least 15 different kinds, depending on the site of development . Both women and men can develop breast cancer, but it is very rare in men.

Breast cancer occurs more commonly in the left breast than the right and more commonly in the outer upper quadrant. The tumor may distort the shape of the breast or the texture of the skin as it becomes larger. It can be detected when it grow large enough to either be felt or seen on a mammogram.

The cancer cells spread through the specialised channels in the breast called lymphatics to the lymph nodes to form tumors. It also spread or metasize to the other parts of the body through the blood stream. It spreads through the right side of the heart to the lungs, and eventually to the other breasts, the chest wall, liver, bone and brain. Spreading of the tumor to other parts of the body can cause death.

Breast cancer can be classified by histologic appearance and location of the lesion.

Adenocarcinoma – arising from the epithelium.

Intraductal – developing within the ducts

Infiltrating – Occurring in parenchyma of the breast.

Inflammatory – reflecting rapid tumor growth, in which the overlying skin become edematous, inflamed and in-durated.

Lobular carcinoma in situ – reflecting tumor growth involving lobes of glandular tissue.

Medullary or circumscribed – large tumor with rapid growth rate.

Men’s Health

Men’s Health

Despite the age old assumption that men are the stronger sex, medical studies reveal that they are more likely to fall victim to serious diseases and to die prematurely before reaching old age than women. A lot could be done to enjoy a healthier life, by taking care and adopting a healthy lifestyle with regards to diet, exercise and habits.Men's Health

Smoking and tobacco-related health complications are the single largest cause of preventable, premature death. A smoke can cost the life of a loved one so Stop Smoking, don’t delay it.

Stick to the limits….save your life……

A safe limit of alcohol consumption is 14 units per week. i.e. a unit is a single pub measure of a hard drink. But don’t finish off your weekly allowance in one sitting

Sexual Health

Sex, like most other functions of our body is a normal process. As other functions, like for example, the digestion, can be upset by factors like a bad mood, stress or similar such things, so can the sexual function be disturbed by a whole lot of factors. These may not necessarily involve the anatomy but instead it’s the mind, which makes the difference.

If sex is allowed to happen naturally, in a relaxed way, our bodies will respond normally without any conscious effort on our part.

There are a wide variety of problem or situations that can upset the normal sexual responsiveness, most of them, fortunately, can be helped in a positive manner by understanding on our part. Here are a few of the most common amongst them and ways to improve:

Misunderstanding and/or lack of information about sex :

Its indeed one of the most telling ironies that Sex, despite being one of the most commonly discussed topic in our lives and in the media, there is a surprising lack of correct information about ‘What to Expect and How to Act’.

Those images of the ‘Perfect Macho Man and The Perfect Sensual Woman’ on the TV and in the Magazines make us feel that Sex instead of being a perfectly normal natural and enjoyable thing, is an ‘Act to be Performed to Perfection’. All this does it to add to the confusion and leads to unrealistic fears, expectations and fantasies.

Bad feelings about Sex and its consequences –

1. Fear of pregnancy; Fear of pain; Fear of being caught / heard / or interrupted.

2. Performance Anxiety-Fear of failing to perform well.

3. Fear of losing control (during orgasm) and /or becoming vulnerable.

4. Looking unattractive during the climax.

5. Bad feelings about yourself or your body like, feeling that the body is unattractive. Feelings that I am not successful (low self-esteem).

Problems in a relationship – Anger/resentment against the partner should be resolved as it can decrease the performance and pleasure while having sex.

Unsuitable circumstances –
While a ‘Quickie’ sometimes can be fun! But normally Good Sex requires a relaxed mind and body. Too much of a hurry, tiredness or preoccupation can rob you of the pleasures of Sex.

Fitness Tip

Fitness Tip

Each day, the Fantasy Fit web site brings you a new Fitness Tip from our extensive archive. Become a Fantasy Fit client and you’ll have access to the entire library. In the meantime, check back here daily for a new tip.Don’t we need to include some dietary cholesterol in our diets since it is needed by our bodies?食品, 蔬菜, 健康, 餐, 洋葱, 烹饪, 饮食, 沙拉, 美食, 晚餐

Your body does need blood cholesterol but your liver produces enough blood cholesterol to fulfill your body’s needs. You do not need to consume any additional dietary cholesterol in your diet. To keep your cholesterol within healthy limits keep your fat intake low and avoid saturated (from animal sources) fat. Make sure your diet consists of plenty of fiber and fruits and vegetables (strive for at least five servings).

Health Equipment

We handle an extensive line of incontinence products for mild to extreme incontinence protection including: incontinence liners; bladder control pads; protective underwear; diapers; underpads; skin protection products. We have the leading brands such as SCA Tena; Serenity; First Quality; Prevail

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Nutritional supplements and replacements are often recommended to create or maintain a balanced diet. We carry the major brands from Nestle and Novartis, including the Resource and Carnation Instant Breakfast lines, as well as Benefiber Fiber supplement in powder or juice form.

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