Children’s Health

Childrens Health

Children are an integral part of every parent’s life. From infancy to adolescence to young adulthood they need special care as they are more vulnerable to disease than adults. Every parent should be aware of the symptoms and its implications for the healthy growth and well being of their children.儿童, 播放, 西瓜, 夏天, 女孩, 野餐, 水果, 健康

Few newborns look picture perfect at birth. They have many variations in normal appearance – from color of the skin to its texture to the shape of the head. Some of these differences are just temporary, part of the physical adjustments a baby goes through. Mentally, mostly all babies are awake and alert during the first few hours after birth.

Physical appearance:


The head may look pointed due of pressure during birth. It would become normal in two weeks. When you touch on the top of your baby’s head, you can feel a soft spot. This is the part where the bones of the skull have not joined together. It becomes normal when your child is 16-18months.


You will find little marks, spots and rashes, red or greenish blue on the skin of your new born baby. This is completely normal and some babies may have more than others. Skin may be peeling on the hands and feet and some babies may have noticeable downy body hair. But all these will disappear on their own accord.